Saturday, August 15, 2009

Waiting God's Time- Ecclesiastes 3:11

We attended a beautiful wedding of our best friends' today.
The beauty is not in the decorations or in the banquets. It's in their history.
Theirs is an illustration of the profits of waiting God's time.

Both are in their early 30s.
Both have never dated anyone else before. Simply because they chose to wait for the right person to marry, hence to date. They did not believe in dating someone just for the sake of dating.
Both were very prayerful about this dating game.

Both are really a rare specimen in this time and age, where youngsters freely change partners like changing clothes.

God honours those who honours Him.
Indeed they have put God first in their lives, and in the end, God rewards them by answering their prayer for a perfect mate.

Nothing is impossible with God. I pray they will be an encouragement to people who are still praying for the right spouse to come along.

Praise be to the Lord in heaven, who delights in the men and women He created.