Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happiness is : having your very own Nespresso machine

A gift that keeps on giving!
The coffee we make is always perfecto !
No more runny or stale coffee. No more running to starbucks across the road for a quick fix. It's all right here at home.
Every capsule costs about one dollar. And we are in control of how much sugar and milk we put in. No extra costs.

I love intense coffee, so my favorite is ristretto, arpeggio, indriya, and decaf intenso. They're all rated above 8 for intensity.
But I also love to get two shots if the intensity is 5. Dulsao and cappricio is ideal for two shots.

The machine is really over priced, if you ask me. So I'm glad I got this as a gift. If not, we might never have embarked on this aromatic and totally satisfying journey of nespresso.