Thursday, October 2, 2008

a sister

My sister's long time best friend has been staying with me for a while. It's so nice to have a sister here with me, 'cos that's what I consider her to be.
She's prayerful. She's generous. She's fun.
She's just such a down to earth person that I can imagine her as a missionary/pastor's wife one day.

My son loves her company and will look for her if she's not home. I hope the Lord sort out her work soon so that she could settle down in her own place and lift up her 'suffering'. But for the moment, we are just enjoying her stay with us.
This proves that every trial and suffering God allows for us is truly designed lovingly by Him for our good.

I wonder if she knows what a blessing she has been to us.

Here's to you, sis!

1 comment:

Viola Deo said...

thank you very much for your care, generosity, and prayerfulness :)
You're a such "big sister" for me :)