Sunday, February 8, 2009

My hero

Pink Baby Shoes
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Nathan is very protective of me. So nice to see him suddenly all grown up like that. When we get on a bus and there are no seats, he would glance at me in concern and looked around for seats. He would glare, yes, glare, at the not so old and definitely not pregnant people sitting on the special seats reserved for pregnant women, old people and disabled. I almost couldn't hide my smile.

"Mum, those seats were reserved for you," he whispered indignantly once, before I look as round as I am today. I put my arms around him with a grateful smile.

"Yes, honey, but how would they know? I don't look it yet."

"You should wear a sign that says you're pregnant," he retorted. I laughed. He didn't. He was quite serious.

Then when it's almost our stop, he would call upon me. He would step off the bus slowly with one of his arms stretched out toward me, like I usually do, to make sure the bus did not suddenly close its door on me.

What a sweet little son he is. Not so little anymore.

Oh, I pray he would be a wonderful big brother. I think he would be. I already told him, "Do you know that all little sisters adore their big brothers as heroes?" "Yes, I know," he replied smugly. Yes, he has always been my hero. How blessed my daughter would be, to have him as a big brother and a hero. I wish I had one like him myself.

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