Sunday, May 3, 2009

cooking mama

We got this Wii game last week and lo and behold, my son's cookin'!
He enjoyed trying out all the recipes: breaking the eggs, cutting, grating, stirring, shaking the pan, etc.

So on labor day holiday we had a wonderful breakfast cooked by my 10-year-old son!
He made scrambled eggs and pancakes.

The pancakes were from a shaker, I just added water. But the scrambled eggs he cooked from scratch. He cracked all the eggs himself, accidentally crushing only one ("do not mind!"), added salt and pepper, some cream cheese and cheddar slices. He enjoyed stirring it around in the bowl, then cooked three batches for his father, for me and for himself. He had fun spreading the butter on hot pan, then continously stirring the eggs and shaking the pan.

He also tried his hand on cooking the pancakes. Shake the pan. Turn over. Watch the fire.
He actually successfully flipped the pancakes a few times!

"Wonderful! Better than mama!"

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