Friday, May 6, 2011

Emma loves Ramen

Who says a baby cannot eat ramen noodles? A BLW baby can!
Here Emma was 8 months old and she loves noodles! What fun shapes noodles are. And delicious. Our family loves to eat japanese food. So naturally Emma loves it, too.

It doesn't matter how much she actually eats. Because her main food until 1 year old was still milk. But I notice at that time more and more were actually going in.

Mealtimes were playtimes for her. It's OK to play with food. That's the only way she learns to handle food, and later on to handle table manners. At one year old, just about 4 months later, she could hold a spoon and even chopsticks already. Now, at 23 months, Emma still loves ramen noodles and could finish half a bowl by herself. I went hungry the last time I shared my ramen with her.

Everybody including the waiters loved to watch her eat. They didn't mind very much that she left some mess on the floor. I usually would pick up the larger mess so it's not too glaring. It's okay for them and it's okay for me. Most definitely it's okay for Emma!

One more thing, after she was about 18 months, she eats quite neatly if she wants to. Very little went to the floor. It's usually at the end when she is already bored that some food actually falls down. So she really eats her food. Truly thank God for BLW.

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