Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thermomix Play Dough

I have been holding back on gushing about my thermomix on this blog. Time constraint! Plus I seriously doubt my ability to do justice to this wonderful machine. Simply wonderful.

When we acquired it in January, my husband suddenly was cooking mantou, brownies, profiteroles, and quiche. All by himself. He had never, ever, cooked before!

I cooked mushroom soup, green bean soup, etc. And now I use it everyday for cooking rice, making juices and lemonade. Even boiling pasta and eggs. So it does not have to be a major cooking event. Easy to clean because the TM bowl does not stick.

Recently I gathered up courage to making play dough. (Because I need it for sunday school tomorrow!) And it has not disappoint. So easy to make, so perfect in texture. And did I mention it's so easy to make?

Here's the recipe:

250g water
100g cooking salt
1 tbsp cream of tartar
280g plain flour
2 tbsp cooking oil (can be olive oil, too)
Food coloring

Orange flavoring or Peppermint oil or other essential oil for fragrance

Put water, salt, cream of tartare, and food colouring into TM bowl.
Cook for 5 minutes at 60 deg on speed 3.
Add the flour and mix for 40 seconds (without temperature).

Add the oil, then 1-2 minutes on knead/interval speed (wheat button).
It will look like breadcrumbs. Pour it into a big bowl and knead it in the bowl to keep it together.
Store in airtight containers!

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