Monday, December 15, 2008


It was time for apartment hunting again. We rent, so every time the lease ended there's always an option to continue or look for another one.

All the time, however, I always believed that if God wants us to move, He would have prepared a new place for us. That does not mean that I was not anxious. Poring over property classifieds in the paper, calling them up and visiting apartments, are really taxing. It always brought me to near despair.

Yet in the past 8 years and 4 times moving, God always led us to the right apartment. I say the right one, because every time we found the house we simply knew. From the time we stepped into the house we just loved it. Like this apartment we're staying now, it was such a beautiful surprise from Him, so lovely, so right for us, that I couldn't stop laughing and smiling after we closed the deal that time.

But I always wonder, what if this year is different? What if this year God is going to lead us to a place we don't really like? What if we don't love the new place? After all, current rent prices are disastrous and we have to downgrade.

Again I was near despair last weekend. As my hubby and I go through the classifieds and visit an apartment and arguing over the budget, I felt that surely this time is different. Surely we would have to move to a bad place.

I keep reminding myself that God is my Father. He will never abandon me. I asked Him for a house that we love, that we can afford. Even though my head told me otherwise, I believed with all my heart. Whereever it is, He knows best. Even if it's not very nice, it would be the best if it's from Him.

Well, what do we know. HE did it again! Today we went to see an apartment. We were blown away by it. Such a cosy and lovely place. Much smaller, because we cannot afford a big place like our current apartment, but it's just right. And the owner likes us so much, she gave us a very reasonable price. It's still above our budget. But that, too, we know God will provide.

We signed the contract tonight. All three of us love it. Throughout the visit my son just plonked himself happily on the sofa like he was at home already. It's just recently renovated, too. There are even little details, like furnitures that we had always wanted. It's all provided. The house is easy to clean with ceramic floors throughout. I could totally see my new baby crawling around in there.

What a lovely surprise, yet again!

I was reminded of something tonight. That my heavenly Father delights in making His daughter happy.

Whatever He allows to happen, whether good or bad, is always for my good. Always. Praise the Lord!

"... your heavenly Father knows that you need them."
The Holy Bible : New International Version. Grand Rapids : Zondervan, 1996, c1984, S. Mt 6:32

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Debb said...

Our God is faithful and He has always proven that He can be trusted. He is indeed very gracious to His children. Praise the Lord!