Friday, November 28, 2008

The Wonder of Ultrasonography

Today we went for checkup again at our ob-gyn office. Again the doctor used ultrasonography and this time, at 12th week, I saw my baby ever so clearly!

She used to be just a tiny pea-sized heartbeat. But in three weeks since we last saw her, she has grown twice as much. She is now 4.6cm from the head to the rump.

As the doctor, my husband and myself watched, she was lying on her belly. Then to our delight she turned facing up. Then turning left and right, too, so that I could even see her oval face with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Her chin was pointy.

Her tiny arms and legs were there. At one point we saw her moving her arms about in front of her. I couldn't believe how active she was in my tummy at this stage. Now everytime I think about her, I can know that she is not just a 'plant' growing in me. She is a person! She moves about and just simply enjoying herself in there.

Of course we still don't know whether it's a boy or a girl. I'm just referring it to a she here for practical reasons. :P

I can't imagine anyone aborting her baby at this stage. And yet some people still abort their baby even up to 20 weeks into pregnancy for whatever reasons. It's murder. Plain and simple. :(

I love my baby and looking at her with the ultrasound truly made me even more aware of this.
If you are pregnant, seek ultrasonography as early as possible. The doctor said it develops a bond between parents and the baby. He couldn't be more right.

The Lord bless you.


Debb said...

Praise the Lord for protecting you and the baby all the way through. He really can be trusted.

fen said...

wowww. I didn't hv usg every month. It must be beautiful to watch her grow in yr tummy. Pic pls.