Monday, June 28, 2010

BLW Checklist

Baby-led weaning is the best thing for our baby. I really do believe that. I feel sad when I see children being spoon-fed. Because actually we rob them of the joy of touching and eating food just the way it is.
Emma never had any mush, or mashed up food (except when it is supposed to be mashed like buttered potatoes or rice porridge). She is healthy, chubby and loves mealtimes!

I'd love to share some of the things you might need to go on the BLW journey:
  • Invest on an easy to clean, sturdy highchair. Don't take one with intricate nooks at the bottom or on the legs. Imagine yourself pouring a bowl of spaghetti down the top. If you can clean it reasonably well, take it. Here's a link to the Gulliver ikea wooden chair that Emma uses.
  • Always spread enough old newspaper underneath. You'll never know.
  • Have lots of non-moisturizing baby wipes handy.
  • Clean the surface of the table before eating. Foods always manage to escape the plate and into her mouth. Use anti-bacterial wet wipes, or just regular baby wipes mentioned above.
  • Use a disposable table mat when outside or in a restaurant if possible. If not, just wipe as you would at home. Unless you are at a food court.
  • Clean fresh fruits or vegetables thoroughly in running water before giving it to her.
  • Always be positive and praise her eating. Never scold her for spilling food when she didn't mean to. Just enjoy our time with her and try to let her be as much as possible. Don't wipe her face all the time.
  • Remember to start only when she is 6 months old.
  • Remember that her main food is milk (breast or formula). These mealtimes with you is PLAYTIME until she turns one year old.

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