Wednesday, February 27, 2008

True Healing

My mum was having an operation last week. And this week, a best friend is going to. Why don't they all just get healed miraculously?

Sigh. Nope. Guess that's not what really matters.

From the Bible we learn that healing that really matters in God's sight is not physical. When the prophets of OT talked about healing, it's not merely physical. We all know we will all eventually die. What is most important is spiritual.

This reminds me that this life is really real. God is really real. And what He wants for us is to be healed from real stuff that really matters.

We are sick with sin. Sin is totally real. We need to be transformed into holiness, Christ-likeness. This is the kind of healing He wants.

Yet we may pray for physical healing, for God wants us to pray for all things. But we need not be desperate about it. Because we know we're in good hands. GOD's loving, perfect wisdom filled, hands.

What I need to do is be there for them... though from far away, cos they're both in Indonesia. Prayer connects us all in spirit. God took care of them much better. God helped me to find ways to encourage them, even from such a distance.

How great is our GOD.

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