Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great Wall at Mutianyu

We chose the section of the wall at Mutianyu (moo-tian-yeo-oo) because according to Fodor's it is away from the crowd and more scenic.

They were right. We're sure glad we picked this one.

The ticket office is divided in two. Surprisingly they were in competition to sell tickets to us. One side offers sky chair to the top, and back on a toboggan. The other side offers cable car ride back and forth. For safety reasons we chose the cable car.

But if you love toboggans and don't have small ones tagging along, you might want to try it.

The great wall is, well, GREAT.

And hot this time of year. But at least there are some peddlars selling 10 Yuan ice cold mineral waters up there (say, "ping suey" = cold water). So if we're out of ammo, there's still hope.

Also there are bees the size of a thumb. They seem to like hovering around the middle of the path on the great wall. We avoid them. Careful with bees. When we slap them their juice will attract their comrades to attack you in hordes. So just ignore them, please.

My son ran up and down the wall pretending to be a soldier at war. He had fun. There are holes at the bottom along the wall facing out, I suppose for the soldiers to shoot arrows from.

It's really a wonderful close to our trip. We saved the best for last. I love the scenery, the old stones (some new bricks were added during renovations), the old steps.

Praise the Lord.

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