Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Beijing is beautiful. Except for the sandstorm.
Light yellow dust covered everything. Trees, cars, buildings, us...

But we were undeterred. We trudged on through miles of sidewalk in search of the Dongximen subway station. Good thing we walked through mostly leafy embassy areas.

My son was coughing a couple of times, or sneezing. So was I.
But the weather is nice and cool compared to our sauna Singapore (that I really missed today because of the sand). Overall it's not so bad. People could still breathe, albeit slightly sandy.

Finally we reached Tiananmen square. A really big place.

It so happened that there was a protest of some sort, we didn't know what it was all about. But it was loud and involved quite a number of people. Turns out it was a show of support for the earthquake victims. People gather together under the hot sun of Tiananmen Sq to shout out encouragements to the victims as if they can hear them. I think that's really touching.

Later on we proceeded into Forbidden City.
My son's complaints, due to his fatigue, only ends when he saw the exit sign from that huge complex that was forbidden to all but emperors and their immediate families and servants for centuries. I've got to give him credit, though. He did last a whole morning and some of the afternoon quite cheerfully, despite we just got off the plane this morning.

Room service for dinner, please.
Tomorrow I'm checking the weather first before I'd venture out.

Thank God for today. For the lovely Terminal 3 both in Singapore and in Beijing. For a good night's sleep on the flight. For the sandstorm, that we could have a chance to experience it. Hope it will go away soon. ;P
Signing off for the day,
3 (sand)stormtroopers.

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