Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just outside of the Tiananmen Gate on our first day in Beijing (21 May) we witnessed a quarrel between an old man and an old woman who collects plastic bottles to recycle. Obviously they were fighting about the amount of bottles that belong to them. Maybe they happened to count it next to each other or something, we didn't know. But it really saddens us that they were fighting over mere cents. These people really are poor.

Plastic bottle collectors, usually old people, were in every park and public places we visited. It's nice to sometimes see a group of people purposely stopping by them and drink up their mineral water so they can give the bottles to these people.

At the base of the Great Wall at Mutianyu my son ran a distance to give his bottle to a very old woman, no taller than himself. She looked ancient even from afar. I waved goodbye to her and gave her the most loving eyes, from afar. To my delight she burst into a big smile and waved and waved back at me for a long time.

That really touched me. Not only that her eyes are still good , but also it makes me think that though I may not know the language perfectly I can still show them Christ's love. I know He loves these people. I know He is pleased to show it through me.

I just pray that these people that touched our lives on the trip, whether taxi drivers, waitresses, or bottle collectors, will in turn be touched by Christ and find Him.

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