Sunday, July 6, 2008

wedding blessings

A friend of mine had a wedding ceremony at church yesterday. As I was sitting there at the pew, I was thankful for the so many guests who attended. The church was full.

The bride, my friend, has been a faithful servant of the Lord at church. She is also a cancer survivor, yet was still faithful to serve in her capacity in sunday school as much as she could during the difficult healing process. No wonder so many church members, parents and children, came. They want to be happy alongside her on this special day.

I'm thankful for these people who came. Because I think it makes her day, really, to see them come.

It reminded me of my wedding day where people braved the volatile situation (after a riot broke out a week before) to attend my meager wedding ceremony. Many of my own family members who lived out of town could not come. Many of my colleagues at the bank where I worked could not come. But I just remember how glad I was when I turned around from my bridal seat and saw the pews packed up to the balcony. There were many parents and children whom I taught in sunday school who made time to attend. The Lord gave me countless people who cared for me, back then in Jakarta. They made my day.

I wish I could have thanked each of them one by one, again and again, for coming on my one, most wonderful day.

So as I sat on that pew, thanking God for my caring church towards my caring friend's wedding, I thanked Him also for the way He cared for my wedding last time, even under such dire circumstances.

Thank You, Lord, for true friends.

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