Thursday, July 17, 2008

here's to starbucks

It’s funny but it seems that wherever I go in the world, we always end up in a starbucks.
This photo of a cup of iced water is taken at the Beijing international airport, arrival hall. The starbucks in Beijing will have seats outside the cafe itself. Usually right opposite the outlet. Look out for their signature tables and couches.

It's only since 1999 that I started drinking coffee. I used to love cappucino and cappucino only. I do not really like change. So, it's always just a "tall Cap" for me, please.

After 5 years of cappucinos (yes, that long!), I switched to "tall caramel no whip Mocha". I'm overjoyed if there is a hot Mocha Valencia (with mandarin syrup) during the chinese new year festivals here. Or the hot Peppermint no whip Mocha. Mmmmm.... I wish christmas was all year round.

That mocha season has lasted for about 3 years. I think it's still going strong.

Currently I'm into "iced no whip Mocha" on the rocks, that is with ice cubes, not blended. Maybe it's the humidity in recent months that got me switching into iced.

Here's to starbucks. (Please, please, please don't change the logo!)

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